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Multi fandom blog, I post a little bit of everything. I also post lots of Tom Hiddleston....lots and lots of hiddles.
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The worst thing about musicals is not being able to choose who you want to sing along with.

Do I sing along with Gabe or his dad?

Do I sing Roger or Mark?

Am I a Raoul or a Phantom today?


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Their faces are one of the most entertaining things when they’re onscreen together 

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Karen Gillan at the premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy

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ComingSoon.net just posted the first pics of the displays at Comic-Con. Here’s the ABC castle. :D 


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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Cast | “Guardians Of The Galaxy” World Premiere.

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Every time Bucky stops, it’s when Steve is speaking to him. He stops his attacks to listen to Steve. It’s not that he knows Steve, because he doesn’t, but he feels something. There is something inside of him that is telling him to listen to this man, this man will help you, this man is here for you, this man loves you. To which, of course, he reacts with more violence because that’s all the Winter Soldier knows. He can’t process the emotions that are going through him because they don’t make sense. More importantly, he’s not supposed to feel them.

But they come when Steve talks. You can see them on his face and his eyes and the way he moves. There’s fear, confusion, anger, desperation and even recognition (thank you, Sebastian Stan, for bringing all that to life). And those emotions are enough to make Bucky stop and listen, even if just for a second. 

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Because I trained in theater, I always leave a film shoot feeling like I haven’t done anything, like I just sat in front of the camera and whispered, essentially.

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Upcoming cs scene: a summary


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